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Jamal has kindly given me permission to use his yoga journey to inspire others to embark on theirs.

This is in real-time, remember the practice of yoga is a humble pursuit, without ego or competition following one's own journey.

Jamal is a total beginner and has trouble sitting in Sukasana Cross legged pose.


By adding (props) foam blocks to sit on now means he can lift the lower back, the hips can release and the thighs are now able to descend. He feels and looks far more comfortable.

His aims are to strengthen his lower back, get more flexibility in his hips and groins and he would like to stretch his hamstrings.

The tightness in his body is partly due to sitting, working at a computer for long periods.


Here Jamal is practicing

Adho Mukha Virasana or Hero pose. 

He is using props as he is struggling to bring his buttocks to his heels. By placing a foam block between his buttocks and heels lessens the gap and now he has something to connect them together. I've also placed support under his forehead so it's not left hanging in space.


He is now achieving a variation of the pose and can benefit from its calming effects on the mind, stretch to the spine and chest opening.


Here he is enjoying a back relieving pose called Ananda Balasana or Happy Baby pose.


Jamal is practicing forward bend in Sukasana with the aid of props.


Sitting on foam blocks lifts the lower back. He has a blanket wrapped around his ankles (as he is recovering from an ankle strain). He hinges at the hips to get the forward bend action leading with the sternum. His chest is open with the aid of the cork bricks to give his arms and hands height.

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